Useful Travel Websites
Create your own diy holiday and share your travel experiences and hotel reviews.  Save money by avoiding travel agent commissions.
Compare hotels, apartments and bed & breakfast accommodation prices to make cheap hotel reservations.Compare hotel rates from lots of hotel web sites in just one search.
The web’s biggest hotel review website. Lookup almost any hotel anywhere and see what fellow travellers thought of it. Should always check TripAdvisor before booking hotels.
Sports travel website featuring hotels near sports venues and events. Use stadium and city maps to find and book hotel accommodation near sports events. Site features football, rugby, cricket, tennis, motorsport and horse racing venues.
Excellent flight comparison web site that searches over 500 airlines and other travel sites like Expedia, Easyjet and Ryanair. Search once to see all available flights and book flights online.
Hotels near London Underground stations. Find, compare and book London hotels near London tube stations using interactive Google maps.
Hotels near subway and metro stations in major European cities. This site compares 1500 hotels, apartments and bed & breakfast accommodation. Find hotels in Paris, Madrid and Berlin.
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